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In the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge shift in wellbeing; people just want to take care of themselves a little bit more. We want to live better, live well, we’re working out more and we’re paying closer attention to what fuel we’re putting into our bodies. I don’t know about you, but I love to get lost (and completely mesmerised) amongst Pinterest boards and Instagram images of all my favourite foodie bloggers offering up delicious, colourful, recipes with natural goodness. Where possible I try to eat organic too, and it really does make a difference.

So, we’ve got the healthy-eating down, we’re well on-board with all the great stuff we’re eating, but how about what’s happening on the outside? Our skin is our largest organ, everything you put onto it filters down and soaks into the rest of your body. With that in mind, have you ever asked yourself: “What ingredients are in that product?”

On my quest to find 100% natural and organic skincare – I spoke to my talented and mega-knowledgeable cousin (yes, I might be biased but she’s one of the greatest beauty therapists I know) Joanna Taplin, founder of Sunshine for the Soul. She introduced me to Pinks Boutique skincare, which I’ve now been using for seven months. The product is absolutely gorgeous, the results have been remarkable, and I can’t wait to share what other amazing things I’ve discovered too.

Here’s a little video (ooh, and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel) introducing this blog…

Discover Pinks Boutique, step inside the Sunshine for the Soul Salon, and meet the lovely Joanna.

About Joanna Taplin, founder of Sunshine for the Soul
She’s ace. Joanna has been in the beauty industry for 19 years and pretty educates me on everything. She’s not just about skincare, she’s about the whole lifestyle thing, which I truly love.

Joanna opened her awarding-winning salon (and the first eco beauty salon top open in Lancashire) a couple of years ago. Living in London I’ve never had the opportunity to go, but to mark Organic September, I made a special little trip up north.

Her salon is a hidden gem and a complete sanctuary, nestled in Poulton Le Fylde (trust me, it’s worth travelling to if you’re ever in town and must-go if you live close by, taking your wife would be one of many great birthday gifts for her). Joanna’s ethos is about providing an overall ‘VIP treatment’ and that’s exactly what she does.

I know this is a big statement: Hands-down this was one of my favourite treatments I’ve ever had (I had the Indonesian-inspired Pinks Boutique signature facial) – it was such a special and holistic experience. I honestly cannot praise it enough.

Cue: enter paradise: Discover all of Joanna’s treatments here.

To be fair, I’d fallen in love with Pinks Boutique way before this treatment. As soon as Joanna told me about them, I had to invest. I treated myself before heading to Coachella last April, as I wanted sparkling skin to hit the California sunshine.

Joanna expertly advised me on what products to get (my skin is combination with a tendency to be sensitive/dry, especially in winter, a tricky contender) and I was completely amazed by the results. My skin now feels so much softer and hydrated, I have less breakouts (if any at all) and for a 30-something year-old; my lines have definitely softened/disappeared (which is always very exciting!). Plus they smell beautiful too.

Here are the Pink Boutique products I’ve been loving and using ♡

Daily routine:






Weekly treat (mini facial at home):



…and may I add: the only product I’ve had to buy again and top up on in seven months, is the cleanser. These products are so concentrated and glorious – all packed with natural goodness – you don’t need to use a lot, literally a 5-pence piece worth, so they last forever.

Joanna has always been incredibly passionate about aromatherapy, essential oils such as Bergamot Pure Essential Oil and natural oils – so when her paths crossed with Kirstie Sherriff of Pinks Boutique, it made perfect sense. It was a real beauty match-make in heaven.

About Pinks Boutique
It’s a British company, all the products are hand-blended and made in England. They’re 100% natural, certified organic by The Soil Association (the toughest and highest standard in the world) and are also vegan-friendly. So, no naughties in there.

The founders, Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, are the cutest. Their passion for what they do really shines through. On their social media channels, they always keep you up-to-date on their latest innovations, buying trips and treatments – so make sure you check them out and join the journey.

Read their story here.

This video is a must-watch: “The truth about natural and organic skincare” – hold back, you might be blown away.

** Skincare 101: Key baddie ingredients you need to avoid **

Fancy trying Pinks Boutique?
Head to Joanna’s salon or if you can’t get there – I recommend you still ask for her advice. Equipped with her mighty pearls of wisdom and an easy-access online shop (with free delivery) to all things Pinks Boutique; Joanna is your go-to woman and beauty guru.

Make sure you also check out Pinks Boutique’s YouTube channel, where Kirstie shares an array of tutorials, tips and techniques on how to use her products (godsend).

I must admit, ever since I’ve started using Pinks Boutique it feels like a little pamper session at home everyday, bringing a touch of luxury to my skincare routine. On that note, I must go and cleanse…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, and my video, and learnt lots too 🙂

Wishing you ever-glowing sunshine, happiness and radiance.

Go natural → it’s great (for you, and the planet).


Sarah Woo xx

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