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Oooh project! I love a challenge, especially when it’s a challenge.

Who else? It has to be Cher Horowitz – I LOVE HER. And yes, I want to be her, for a day… Here’s how I took on this mighty amazing challenge.


I’m too excited about this. What girl doesn’t love to play dress up? And to play dress up as one of your all time favourite teenage movie heroes – I have fantasised over that computerised wardrobe for years… DRESS ME.

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But instead of the computerised wardrobe, I’m hitting up the computerised shopping mall instead – delving into the magical kingdom of one of the fiercest, fast-fashion retailers I know,

Where to begin with £30? I WANT EVERYTHING. OK, it’s time to focus, and get my A-game on…

Cher What to Wear

In the movie (dubbed as the best fashion film ever made, FYI) Cher was best known for her tartan and checkered delights, which is also all the rage for AW15. Time to get check happy, people.

Cher tartan

Then I thought, how awesome would it be to inject some of mega-trend siren’s, Charli XCX, new exciting collaboration with B=boohoo into the mix? Especially as Charli featured in Iggy Azalea’s very Clueless-esque music video, Fancy. This feels totally meant to be… I went nuts for her tartan skirt (pictured below) too… a similar feeling to when Cher discovered her love for Josh. It’s happening – first item in the basket, done.

My top 3 faves looks from the Charli XCX for boohoo collection. Gorgeous.

Charlie XCX Boohoo

The outfit. It’s all about the accessories…
Boohoo | Clueless Accessories

HOW cute is this collar/bib? I’ve received so many compliments on it already – it looks incredible on. You can wear it with jumpers, dresses, blazers (like I’m doing in this shot) and for £3, you can’t go wrong. It’s an absolute steal and completely genius.


Knee socks. I’ve not worn knee socks probably since I was at school myself, but what a joy to bring them back. I went for a sporty type – I love a bit of print-clash at the best of times, mixing up the stripes and checks together – giving this outfit a chic, modern edge… What do you think?

Sarah Woo Clueless

My outfit: collar (£3); Eliza Collar Tip Collar Shirt Bib; blazer (£10); Lexi Double Breasted Tailored Blazer, skirt (£12); Charli Crepe Check Pleat and Band Mini Skirt, socks (£4); Catherine Stripe Top Knee High Socks = grand total of £29.00 (smashed the budget, woohoo!)

That’s pretty good going, right? So much goodness for so little ££, I think Cher would be in complete raptures over this… Creating a whole outfit for less than £30 is pretty much unheard of nowadays, I knew my shopping skills were well-seasoned, but still… I surprised myself!

Tell me: Who is your favourite style icon? What outfit would you put together for £30? Could you beat it? Give it a go, it’s so much fun!

Thank you for partnering on this post and giving me this epic challenge – I’ve had a blast! I’m loving experimenting with my new fabulous purchases, and I definitely think I need to unleash my style icon more often 🙂

Sarah Woo xx




PS: Next item on the wish list, a polaroid camera…


PPS. I cannot write a post about Cher Horowitz without saying: AS IF!

There, my life (and this blog post) is now complete.

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