Stationery fun with Kate Spade & MOO

Kate Spade MOOI don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE stationery; at home, at work, I just can’t get enough of it. Especially when there’s an ink pad and stamp involved – along with the funniest little sayings to raise the biggest smiles 🙂

I’ve also treated myself to some snazzy, new business cards too! What do you think?

Come join me in my magical stationery kingdom with kate spade new york and MOO

kate spade new york delights

The New York fashion house just keeps melting me on the spot. I am completely obsessed with their fun, bold, colourful and witty approach to fashion.

Their advertising campaigns are phenomenal, their current SS15 campaign features the likes of Iris Apfel and Karlie Kloss (and look at that duck!) – not to mention their super gorgeous product.

Kate Spade SS15 campaign

The kate spade new york rotating stamp with pad has 12 different quirky sayings, and I can relate to each and everyone of them.

The list of sayings:

1. Be an elegant thinker
2. Read fine print
3. Don’t mind if I do
4. Light up the room
5. Live colourfully (my fave ♡)
6. Be mused
7. Fruit & veg out
8. Start something new
9. Call the shots
10. Set the tone
11. Escape the ordinary
12. Spread the word

Their motto for the stamp: “Perfect for adding a pinch of cheer to all of your correspondence.” – hear, hear! This will keep me entertained for hours…

Rotating stamp with pad

kate spade new york rotating stamp with pad
This would also make a really cute gift! 

As soon as I picked up this stamp in-store recently, it really did make me chuckle – and has definitely brought a lot of laughs and smiles from my friends too ♡

Who knew you could have so much fun with a little rectangle of joy? 🙂

Move over little black book, we now have GOLD

When I’m not playing with ink pads, I’m merrily writing notes (and drawing my favourite doodles: love hearts ♡ & stars ☆) in my gorgeous, trusty kate spade new york gold notebook.

kate spade new york gold book

We heart polka dots! kate spade new york gold notebook

It’s all about the MOO business cards

I very first heard about MOO from my lovely friend and fellow blogger, Christine Newman of C-New Life, she has got the MOO mini-cards, which are really cool.

My new MOO business cards are my pride and joy – notice my blog header? Yep, that’s right, I re-designed my logo/header by using my lovely new MOO business cards. Clever eh? Well, I feel a little bit clever but I just love polka dots, a splash of pink and simplicity. These bright, beautiful cards look so elegant and sophisticated, I love the feel (you’ve got to feel it to believe it) of them and the design.

When I was ordering my business cards I was in a mega rush (like most people who are ordering business cards, that moment: oh shoot! I need business cards..) as I was going to a bloggers’ event, and I was delighted that I could just whiz by and pick them up from their MOO pop-up shop at BOXPARK in Shoreditch [London] *air punch*


Fancy, creative and wonderful… MOO, BOXPARK in Shoreditch

The design: I didn’t have a clue what I wanted, so I browsed their design templates gallery (with 21 pages of them, it’s guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing) where I spotted– no pun intended – the ‘Dot Luck’ design. We all love a bit of luck, so this was the winner for me.

Bonus point: the Lato font matches the font on my blog (exactly what you’re reading now!) – happy Lato, happy days.

MOO business cardsPs. Thanks MOO, you’re really lovely too 🙂


  1. 22 June, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    A massive fan of the stamp and the new business cards, it creates a nice modern ‘Sarah Woo’ brand. Look forward to getting one of your new business cards! On my to-do list for some new Moo business cards myself, didn’t realise they had a store – may follow in your footsteps and take a look, thanks!

  2. 22 June, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    Thanks beautiful Christine! And thanks for introducing me to the lovely MOO 🙂

    Definitely check out their store, it’s so much fun and really inspiring. I think we need a little trip East 😀 xx

  3. 6 June, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    A massive fan of the stamp and I may just get one. I love Kate Spade and have many other stationery items from the brand.

  4. 7 June, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    You must! I highly recommend it, and I get so many compliments when I’ve used it… Just adds a bit of character to your letter/greeting card 🙂 – I also completely adore Kate Spade too!

    Enjoy xx

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