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Chantelle Paris

When I hit my teens (along with many girls’ dreams) I couldn’t wait to gain my curves. The ‘girls’ (boobs), the hips, the bum – all the things that make you feel womanly, sexy and exuberant. Amazingly (and I’m sure many women will agree with this too), you sometimes get a little bit less, or a little bit more, than you bargained for. And for me, it’s the latter.

Ever since my early 20’s, I’ve been a plus size bra. I’m not complaining at all – I’m happy, proud and content with the goods that god blessed me with – but I’ve always found it a real struggle to find lingerie I truly love, but luckily I found the Bets Bresast Tape that help me look better. If anything, I’ve found anything over a DD+ to feel and look somewhat ‘industrial’ and not as alluring compared to smaller cup sizes. I guess you can’t have it all…

Then I discovered Chantelle. A brand with the most beautiful lingerie and a lovely story – dating back to 1876 and still being run by the same family (five generations later) today.

Their heritage, commitment and craftsmanship dedicated purely to the woman’s body is incredible; bursting us out of corsets and creating the first ever girdle in the 1940s, and unveiling their first bra in the 1960s – all hand sewn for our love and pleasure. AND, it looks and feels AMAZING on. I can’t wait to share all with you…

One of the greatest privileges of being a blogger, is the opportunity to discover and collaborate with new (to me) brands. I had never heard of Chantelle, so I was really excited to meet and learn from one of their experts, Clare, based at Selfridges on Oxford Street, London.

Within seconds of looking at me, Clare knew my size (now that’s a party trick, right?) and brought me an array of different styles and colours to try – I was genuinely amazed they fit me, and so well.

To compliment that, I loved how passionate Clare was about the brand and its history. She explained the innovation and creation behind each design, the fabrics they use, and how each print/pattern is completely exclusive to Chantelle.

Clare also fondly told me the story of how the French lingerie company headhunted a British corset-maker back in the 1960s. Known as ‘Miss Hadley’, she was drafted in to help elevate the product, and her sought-after seamstress secrets have been passed down the generations, and are still being used today. Hadley has done wondrous things…

With Chantelle, I measure up at a good hearty 34F (but it’s super important that you get fitted for every brand you try, as they do differ) and here’s the set I went for, the glorious Idole memory foam t-shirt bra (in black) and matching Idole tanga panties – plus I’ve included my favourites/recommendations (for my fellow lovelies of a similar size) from the current collection.

Also, you must check out Chantelle’s Instagram and Pinterest boards for lingerie inspiration and retro-amazingness.

Feeling idyllic with Idole

Chantelle Idole Set

Chantelle Idole bra and panties

ChantelleChantelle labelChantelle Idole bra panties Vogue magazine roseSarah Woo wearing Chantelle

More of my favourites & recommendations ♡

Merci half cupMerci half cup bra
Rive Gauche 3-partRive gauche 3-part bra
C-Chic sexy spacerC-chic sexy spacer bra

The 1970’s design which is still in the hottest demand today…

The Fete bra, 1970

Fete bra 1970

Source: Chantelle

Fete full cup underwire bra, 2015 (I actually really love it!)Fete bra 2015

Question to you: How often do you treat yourself to lingerie? Do you feel that buying lingerie is a necessity and/or a luxury?

After meeting Clare, it got me thinking. She said to me: “Lingerie should be a woman’s number one investment. It’s the first thing you put on in the day, and the last thing you take off.” – too true. My mindset has shifted, and my lingerie drawer is in for a complete overhaul…

It was certainly a fitting with an experience, and I definitely recommend it. Find a Chantelle stockist near you and I hope you get someone as magical as Clare.

Thank you Chantelle for partnering on this post – and introducing me to your absolutely stunning and extraordinary lingerie.

With love,
Sarah x

Source: Chantelle

Source: Chantelle

The timeline of Chantelle:
Source: Wikipedia

Tape measure

1876: Chantelle was founded, then a manufacturer of elastic knits

1900s: Women’s figures tightly corseted in dresses

1930s: The launch of the “little black dress” by Chanel in Vogue magazine in 1926 leads many women to “abandon” their corsets

1940/50s: Chantelle manufacture the first girdles, adopting the slogan: “Chantelle, the girdle that stays in place”

1960s: Chantelle launches its first bras and opens its manufacturing plant in French region, Champagne – and British seamstress ‘Miss Hadley’ is drafted in to help

1970s: Chantelle launches the very first molded bra

1980s: Chantelle launches the risque “Vertige” model in 1983, one of the first see-through and plunging neckline bras (ooh la la)

2000s: Chantelle moves towards more invisible products and t-shirt bras

2010s: Chantelle launches a casual line, based on technologies offering freedom of movement and comfort, like the spacer and memory foam (like the one I have) innovations

2015: Sarah Woo gets her first Chantelle bra 🙂

Saga Chantelle

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