Style File: Magical Creations

This has got to be one of my favourite photoshoots. Not only because I had the best day, but also because pretty much 90% of what I’m wearing has been made by my amazingly talented, and just generally glorious, friends.

Accompanied with the perfect setting; we headed on a moody British summer’s day to the mystical Nunhead Cemetery (also known as one of Southwark’s hidden treasures) in London. I felt the luckiest girl in the world as Julia of CrownJules and Trudy of Trudy Elizabeth styled me up a dream.

We’re talking big hats, statement skirts, sizzling silky numbers, and the most incredible multi-tasking jewels. This was a serious case of playing dress-up (something a girl never grows out of) and I’m also honoured to make a debut for new-to-watch-brand, Prophecy the label – trust me, you will want to know about this.

I’m thrilled with the results, I hope you love this post too!

Here’s the lowdown:

The skirts, are made by Trudy Airey: For regular Sarah Woo readers, you’ll be familiar with the treasure that is Trudy (she’s also my loyal photographer) – who I am now desperately trying to persuade to open an online shop to sell her skirts. I cannot champion this lady enough. So many passers-by stop me to ask about her skirts, compliment them, and even ask me if she can make one for them too (yes, I mean strangers approach me and ask me this. It’s like a little Trudy appreciation society!). Please help me, go nuts and tell Trudy how amazing she is – I am determined to make this happen for all women-kind. Watch this space… ‘Trudy Elizabeth’ is happening soon.

The hats and jewels, made and supplied by the wonderful CrownJules: I showcased this magnificent lady in my latest Woo Hot Seat. Julia started making hats for a hobby (when she couldn’t find one anywhere she wanted for Ascot Races) and has now made it her business, and with new employees in the business, the use of software from ThePayStubs could be a great choice to manage them. Entrepreneur much… and now becoming the most lust-after accessories queen, she is also a Stella & Dot Stylist too. I tell you, going into her house was like entering Pandora’s Box, and it’s a moment I’ll never forget. She is mega-knowledgeable on how to accessorise anything and everything – and will make you a bespoke hat for every occasion. She also hosts hats and jewellery parties (happiness guaranteed). Here’s her website and Stella & Dot page for you to explore.

The silky numbers and beautiful bell sleeves, made by (and let me introduce you to) ‘Prophecy the label’: My ballsy and super lovely friend, Chloe, has just launched this exciting new label. She’s a fashion-tech by day for a leading high street retailer, and I’m so delighted – and sure you are too – she’s sharing her talents with the world. I melted on the spot when I saw the start of her first collection (it feels so good on too!) and I know big things await her. The website is coming soon, but in the meantime, check-in on her new Instagram account for the latest updates (and Woo Hot Seat to follow, I promise!).

When I asked about her inspiration behind the brand, this is what she told me…

“I’ve had many influences over the last few years. I am inspired by the details of the garments of the early 20th century. The gowns of the 1910’s were so beautifully opulent and I loved how this then transformed into the Art Deco period. There is such an emphasis on minimalist style at the moment, and it gives me a great challenge to combine the current influences with the details I love. Above all I love working with natural fabrics and hope to move more towards natural dye processes and sustainable fashion.” – Chloe Christopherson Kirby, founder of Prophecy the label.

Here goes, photo time! Shall we go for it? Let’s do it. Come into my kingdom and explore these magical creations…

Big twirls

Get the look: Hat; Crown Jules // Black knot back silk cami; Prophecy the label // Jewellery; Stella & Dot // Skirt; Trudy Elizabeth


Silky manoeuvre

Get the look: Hat; Crown Jules // Silk slip dress in cornflower blue; Prophecy the label // Jewellery; Stella & Dot // Shoes; Office


I LOVE this necklace. It’s called the ‘Garland fringe necklace’ and you can style it five different ways (think of the joy). And as well as a necklace, you can wear it as a headband, rolling onto…

Bohemian wanders

Get the look: Headband & necklace; Stella & Dot // Black knot back silk cami; Prophecy the label // Skirt; Trudy Elizabeth // Sandals;


Denim and green = the dream

Get the look: Denim shirt; Gap // Skirt; Trudy Elizabeth // Jewellery; Stella & Dot // Shoes; Office


Lady in red

Get the look: Hat; Crown Jules // Black knot back silk cami; Prophecy the label // Jewellery; Stella & Dot // Skirt; Trudy Elizabeth


Floral magic

Get the look: Hat; Crown Jules // White cotton bell sleeve blouse; Prophecy the label // Green wrap silk skirt; Prophecy the label


The moral of this story is, invest in:

  • A great hat
  • A trusty black cami
  • A go-to statement skirt
  • A silk slip (trust me, it makes you feel amazing!)
  • A versatile pair of nude shoes
  • A necklace you can style five ways
  • A beautiful relationship with a creative friend 😉


Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think!


Sarah Woo xx

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