The Glow After Dark Show


Today is a special day. Seven years ago to this very day, I embarked on one of the best adventures of my life. I flew to New York to take part in the Glow After Dark Show, an online reality show to promote Jennifer Lopez’s new perfume. Wild, sexy, breathless – we had a BLAST.

For some light entertainment, you can watch a very youthful Sarah Woo, along with four American beauties, taking on challenges around the city (including a 2½ min comedy sketch in an elite comedy club. Yes, that happened).

Watch the webisodes here:

Webisode 1.

Webisode 2.

Webisode 3.

Webisode 4.

Webisode 5.

Webisode 6.

Webisode 7.

Webisode 8.

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