Exhibition: Louis Vuitton Series 3

Louis Vuitton Series 3

Today, I’ve enjoyed a very cultural, and very lovely, sunshiny Sunday. I caught up with friends and we headed to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition on The Strand in London.

The exhibition offered up a modern and electric twist on the Louis Vuitton (LV) AW15 runway show, created and influenced by LV’s Women’s Artistic Director, Nicolas Ghesquière.

We saw the ‘magic trunk’, stood (and slightly strutted) on the catwalk which has been especially transported over from Paris for the exhibition. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on how a LV clutch bag is made and to our complete surprise, we stumbled upon a LV “artiste” constructing a clutch bag for us all to watch – amazing. I could have watched her all day… And if that’s not enough, how does a walk-in wardrobe sound? We. Were. Spoilt.

If you can get to this exhibition, GO. I definitely recommend it – and it’s free! (I know, how exciting) and it’s running until the 18th October. Book online here to secure your slot.

For those that can’t make it… I’ve got it covered. Unlike many exhibitions, this one was camera-friendly, so I took as many pictures as I possibly could to share with you! Check them out here.

Video: Introducing Louis Vuittion Series 3, Nicolas Ghesquière reveals the inspiration and highlights from the exhibition.

My favourite quotes from him: “It’s about the tradition, history and the excellence of luxury,” and “celebrating the past and projecting the future.” Bring it on…

The entranceLV Series 3 Entrance

The DomeThe Dome

LV signature monogramsLV monogram 1LV monogram 2

Models, models, modelsModels 1Models 2Models 3

The ‘magic trunk’
LV magic trunk

My little stint on the catwalk 😉On the catwalk yeah – Louis Vuitton AW15

A masterpiece… work of artConstructing LV clutchbagFinished LV clutch

The “artiste” at work

LV artiste making a clutch bag

Camera captures everything. I could have watched this ALL DAYLV artiste constructing a clutch bagLV clutch bag basicsAccessories GalleryWhite ladiesWhite lady

“As a trunk maker, Vuitton has always said: ‘Give us your most precious things and we’ll protect them.’ And that’s still true today” – Michael Burke, CEO, Louis Vuitton

Classic LV trunk

Could you IMAGINE owning one of these?LV low trunk for ladiesJust chillin’… This one is my favourite. She’s awesome
Just chillin' white ladyLV Series 3 white lady Louis Vuitton Series 3 LV pink clutch AW15 LV AW15 bootsLV walk in wardrobe

“The wardrobe: a gateway to a thousand possibilities.” – hear, hearIMG_6011 (1)IMG_6014 (1)Now this, this is what I call a winter coat
IMG_6017 (1)IMG_6018 (1)

Stickers!IMG_6020 (1)

A little story about the stickers: An insider at the exhibition told me about what ‘luggage stickers’ actually represented 100 years ago. The stickers were allocated to people’s luggage (in hotels) to signal the owner’s ‘character’.

If the owner was a high-tipper, the sticker would be placed on top of the luggage, low-tipper’s stickers would be stuck on the bottom. In addition, if the tipper was polite and nice, the sticker would go on the right. If the owner was rude and unpleasant, then the sticker would go on the left.

AIM for top right, people.

The insider continued: “Nicolas (Ghesquière) was so passionate about this story, he wanted to bring them back into fashion” – I’m so glad he did. And how much fun are they?
IMG_6021 (1)

Love all of this. Especially the model with the pink hair (bottom row)
IMG_6023 (1)

Behind the scenesIMG_6025 (1)

Dramatic, and the perfect finale.

Just for pleasure… How cool is this video?

Woah. #LVSeries3

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