#ARWOMAN: who inspires you?


If you had to choose one woman that inspires you, who would it be?

I’m seriously loving Atterley Road’s #ARWoman campaign right now. Their aim: women to openly celebrate other women, through the power of Instagram.

I’m in, I’m joining the conversation…

So many women inspire me, from my darling mother to my dear friends – for their unconditional love, encouragement and companionship – to the 18-year old apprentice (big shout out for Georgia Stimpson) currently working in our office. I’ve watched her grow from a shy teenager, into a glorious, confident, young woman. Life is magical.

OK… so I couldn’t just choose one woman to celebrate today. I chose four.

These ladies have in some way inspired me to follow my dream, embrace fashion, be more adventurous with my style, and ultimately – start my blog!

Here goes…

♡ Alison Tay, Editor in Chief for Grazia Middle East & Celebrity Stylist

Alison Tay

I first met Alison Tay eight years ago, on the set of a reality TV show in the US (JLo’s Glow After Dark Show) where Alison was a guest judge and I was a contestant. Being the loyal and patriotic beauty she is (I was the only British female on the show) she gave me the winning title on the ‘fly girl’ dancing challenge. If only you’d seen those moves…

At that time, I was working in finance (which I’d done for 11 years) – a career that I was enjoying but for all the wrong reasons; the friends I’d made, the security, the convenience etc. I’d always had a huge ambition to move to London, work for a magazine and do something fashion-related… and Alison, my little fairy godmother, encouraged me to fly and pursue my dream.

We’ve only met a handful of times, but she believed in me. Sometimes that’s just all you need.

♡ Olivia Palermo, Fashionista & Entrepreneur

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is my ultimate style crush – I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to her – she’s taught me to be more playful when it comes to styling.

I admire her classic and feminine approach to fashion – usually topped with a pop of colour, clashing prints or a quirky twist.

As well as being my style hero, she’s incredibly driven and ambitious too. Last year, we saw her celebrate a prestigious collaboration Olivia Palermo x Aquazzura and this year, she’s just been appointed creative director at Ciaté. I can’t wait to see what she’s bringing next…

♡ Blair Eadie, aka Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie

This lady. This lady helped me to build my confidence and was the inspiration behind my Style Files.

Blair Edie is my favourite fashion blogger. Again, like Olivia, I love her chic and elegant approach to fashion, and cool edgy vibe.

When I started my own blog, I was a little shy to showcase my personal style – did it appear a little narcissistic, would people be really interested in what I wear?

But then my dear friend and photographer, Trudy Airey (another inspiration of mine) said:

“Well, you like to look at what Blair Eadie is wearing don’t you? Why don’t you want to share all the amazing clothes you wear and love?” Hear, hear…

Trudy and I did a shoot a week later. The Sarah Woo Style Files were born… and is now my most favourite (and most popular) feature on my blog – I thank you Trudy Airey, and all my awesome readers for your love and support!

♡ Trudy Airey (nee Baker), amazing friend & fabulous photographer


She’s ballsy, she’s brilliant, and a huge inspiration and support to me. She’s also a very talented photographer and seamstress (did I mention she made her own wedding dress?). Plus, Trudy directed and photographed my original Style Files. Read Trudy’s ‘Woo Hot Seat’ >>

First ever Style Files

A trip down memory lane…
my first ever Style Files! 

♡ Kathaleen Clark, grandma, aka G-Ma

There she is, my 95 year old G-Ma (I actually pronounce it as ‘Gee-Ma’ too – she loves it).

She’s wonderful. She has the most incredible inner strength and courage – and what I love about her most – is her unbeatable, witty sense of humour.

A funny little story for you…
My G-Ma has always been adamant she wanted to keep independent and stay in her own home, but she had to move into a nursing home six months ago (to point out, she had lived on her own up until she was 94).

I walk into the nursing home for the first time, and she’s there dishing out fruit pastels (her ultimate fave) amongst her new friends. She spots me: “Aaaah, it’s my granddaughter. Have you got a boyfriend yet? Well you better get a shift on or I won’t be coming to your wedding at this rate. Would you like a fruit pastel?”


Who inspires you?
It’s always nice to reflect and champion our fellow women, and actually take note of who/what inspires you. I’ve loved writing this post and I highly recommend you join in too.

Tell me who inspires you in the comments below and you can find out more about the campaign on Instagram using the hashtag #ARWoman

Love, inspiration & empowerment to us all ♡

Happy Friday 🙂

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